Continuing Education Units

FASFAA is proud to offer Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) to our members. 

Florida Statutes and the Florida Administrative Code state that financial aid directors (and other administrators) in licensed institutions in Florida are required to complete eight (8.0) Continuing Education Units of related instruction each year. Further, Florida law gives professional organizations such as FASFAA the authority to award CEUs and to develop the appropriate curricula. A CEU is a nationally recognized unit of measurement for participation in non-credit continuing education programs. 

CEUs may be obtained for FASFAA-sponsored training and professional development activities. CEUs will be awarded for sessions on financial aid topics, sessions on professional development, and other sessions deemed appropriate by the VP of Training or his/her designee. 

For FASFAA purposes, eight (8.0) contact hours of instruction equals one (1.0)  CEU.  Generally speaking, a FASFAA Fall or Spring Conference, which spans 2-1/2 days, equals eight (8.0) contact hours of instruction, or one (1.0) CEU. Typically, a one-day regional meeting or workshop equals four (4.0) contact hours of instruction, or one-half (0.5) CEU. However, the actual contact hours may vary after a review of the agenda. Certificates will show both the number of contact hours and the number (percentage) of CEUs awarded. Standard rounding rules to the nearest whole hour will apply, according to the following equivalencies: 

# of Contact Hours = Equivalent Number of CEUs
8 Contact Hours = 1.0 CEU
7 Contact Hours = 0.9 CEU
6 Contact Hours = 0.8 CEU
5 Contact Hours = 0.6 CEU
4 Contact Hours = 0.5 CEU
Less than 4 Contact Hours = 0 CEU


To be eligible to receive a CEU award, an individual must:

  • Be a paid member of FASFAA for the fiscal year in which the activity is held;
  • Attend the actual activity or event and complete any required forms;
  • Have paid any applicable registration fee associated with the event or activity; and
  • Submit the Application Form within the allowable time frame.

Each member who wishes to receive CEUs must download, complete, and submit an application on site at the event or download, complete and mail an application no later than 90 days after the close of the event. Applications received beyond the 90 day time frame will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Every attempt will be made to have certificates mailed to the members no later than 30 days after the application has been received. 

There is no cost for a FASFAA member to be awarded CEU certificates. This is a free service provided by FASFAA to eligible members who participate in training and professional development activities.

Please mail CEU applications to:

4905 34th Street South, #334
St. Petersburg, FL 33711

Please direct CEU questions to:

Kris Hatcher
[email protected]