2020-2021 Members-at-Large and Appointments


 Conference Chair - Member At Large

Joan Bailey

 University of South Florida Health


 Federal and State Legislative Chair - Member At Large

Tracy Morgan

University of South Florida

Tracy Morgan 


 Global Issues Chair- Member At Large

Jeff Daniels

PNC Bank


 Vendor/Sponsorship Chair - Member At Large

Laura Dickerson

Sallie Mae


 Site Selection/Event Coordinator - Member At Large

Irma Molinares




Committee Chair Appointments


 Electronic Services 

Jerry McMahon

Keiser University



Early Awareness/Outreach/Financial Literacy Chair 

Will Hunter

University of North Florida

Will Hunter 


  Membership Chair/Volunteer Coordinator 

Suzanne Evans

St. Johns River State College


 Scholarship/Charity Chair 

Merrian King

St. Petersburg College



Grad/Professional Chair 

Brenda Noblitt

University of Florida



Vocational/Technical/Clock Hour Chair

Teriann Wright

Orange County Public Schools, Orange Technical College


 OSFA Liaison/Newsletter 

Louanne Standley

Florida Department of Education, OSFA