Leadership Program (LEAP)

FASFAA believes in the importance of providing professional growth opportunities for its members. The Leadership Education for Association Professionals (LEAP) Program includes readings, peer discussion, learning activities, and mentorship designed to build the skills, abilities, and experience of emerging leaders in the financial aid profession.


Participants are assigned readings prior to each LEAP Session to provide context for the session’s content. Throughout the program participants will read “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek, a primer on purpose driven leadership. This will serve as the foundation for the leadership concepts explored in the LEAP Sessions.

LEAP Sessions

Participants will engage with one another through monthly virtual sessions focused on a variety of leadership topics.:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Effective Communication
  • Strengths Based Leadership
  • Strategic Planning and Continuous Improvement
  • Management and Execution
  • Advocacy


Participants will be partnered with a seasoned financial aid professionals that is available to provide guidance as they navigate this program and their careers as financial aid administrators. Monthly mentor meetings are required, but the hope is that a valuable relationship will be formed lasting well beyond the completion of this program.


Please contact either of your LEAP Facilitators with questions. This year’s program is facilitated by:

Andrew Hidalgo Aurora Hess
St. Petersburg College Pensacola State College
(727) 394-6044 (850) 484-1687
h[email protected] a[email protected]


2023-24 LEAP Participants