Financial Literacy

Use the links below to find out more information about financial aid to help students succeed financially as they apply to colleges and universities.

Higher Education Financial Wellness Alliance (HEFWA)—A network of professionals dedicated to bringing together post-secondary organizations to inform national conversations that impact the financial wellness field, public policy, and educational support services.

Navigating Your Financial Future (NYFF)—Created by OSFA to strengthen financial skills of young adults through financial aid awareness and financial literacy education.                    NYFF Resources

Study on Collegiate Financial WellnessA multi-institutional survey of college students that examines the financial attitudes, practices and knowledge of students from all types of institutions of higher education across the United States via an online survey. Topics covered by the survey include: financial education, financial management behaviors, financial self-efficacy, financial stress and optimism, sources to pay for college, student loans and consumer debt.

Consumer Protection Finance Bureau (CFPB)—An office of the U.S. government which provides consumers with up-to-date information and resources to protect and manage their finances.  

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Consumer Information—A bipartisan federal agency with a unique dual mission to protect consumers and promote competition.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)—BBB’s mission is to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)— An independent agency created by U.S. Congress to maintain stability and public confidence in the nation's financial system.

    • MoneySmart Program—Helps people of all ages enhance their financial skills and create positive banking relationships.

The Institute for College Access & Success (TICAS)—A trusted source of research, design, and advocacy for student-centered public policies that promote affordability, accountability, and equity in higher education.

AnnualCreditReport.Com—Access and review your credit report each year to ensure your financial stability.

USA.Gov (Identity Theft Prevention)—Create and organize timely, needed government information and services and make them accessible anytime, anywhere, via your channel of choice.

Federal Student Aid Money Management Checklist (FSA)—An office of the U.S. Department of Education that awards more than $120 billion a year in grants, work-study funds, and low-interest loans to approximately 13 million students.

You Can Deal With It—Provides practical and easy-to-understand advice on how to deal with common financial situations facing today's college students and recent graduates.

Practical Money Skills—Program strives to link consumers, educators, banks and governments to the tools and resources they need, helping individuals and communities develop their money management skills.—Created by the Federal Financial Literacy and Education Commission, which is made up of more than 20 Federal entities that are coordinating and collaborating to strengthen financial capability and increase access to financial services for all Americans.