2020-2021 Long Range Strategic Plan Task Force

Term: September 2020 - June 2021

All work for this task force will be conducted virtually. The task force is expected to meet at a minimum of once per month until the project is complete. 


The Long Range Strategic Plan is a systematic planning process involving a number of steps that identify the status of the association, including its mission, vision for the future, operating values, needs (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), goals, prioritized actions and strategies, action plans, and monitoring plans. Successful development of the plan will ensure FASFAA has a secure set of guiding principles and advancement of the association’s goals for the next five to ten years.   

Task Force Member Responsibilities

  • Attend all task force meetings and participate in the discussion activities
  • Complete all assigned tasks by deadlines designated by the task force

Task Force Members

  • Daniel Barkowitz, Chair, FASFAA Immediate Past President, Valencia College
  • Dameion Lovett; FASFAA President, University of South Florida
  • Becky Davis, Ascendium Education
  • Chas Hammond, University of Florida
  • Nadine Bailey, Ultimate Medical Academy
  • Bill Healy, Florida Southern University
  • Wayne Kruger, St. Petersburg College 
  • Trellis Williams, University of Florida
  • Jennifer Bennett, University of Florida
  • Gwyn Francis, FASFAA Lifetime Member
  • Angela Moore, University of Florida
  • Angela Nickel, Florida State College-Jacksonville
  • Danelle Browning, Indian River Schools
  • Katie Conrad, FASFAA President-Elect, Florida International University
  • Peggy Loewy-Wellisch, FASFAA Past President